MOG Museum of Goa 2017

SHAKTI is an energy that emanates from the Supreme

The spot-mirror or bindu contains the see of all manifestation

Image of Sound 2008

Following the success of Anonymous Words, a second collaboration with composer Lawrence Ball integrates vision and sound as a single experience. The projected ‘sound graphics’ offer up unique insight into a composer’s method of working. The sound experience is a sequence of 7 pieces repeating every 74 minutes. The music starts from the aboriginal sound of two iron bark sticks (believed to be the hardest wood, like metal) struck together by Linda Muddiman-Rose and developed by Lawrence into various motifs. The background projections show diagrams drawn by Lawrence to mark sound shapes. The work was curated and photographed by Zsuzsanna Ardo. Concept and the artwork by Genie Poretzky-Lee.

Anonymous Words 2007

Genie’s collaboration with the composer Lawrence Ball is an attempt to create a meeting between image and words – or ‘sound words’. The sound is based on Lawrence’s voice reading words at random and then using this material to create music. The mantras became sound vibrations beyond an interpretative language, in an attempt to capture ‘pure sound’. Original ancestral Indo-European language reflected a fundamental unity of origin between image and word. Only later did people invent different images for the word resulting in the replacement of the original marks. Anonymous Words offers up a communicative experience that defies translation, a story without a recognizable narrative.