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Incantation Volume 3 - Sphere - A Quest, A la recherche du fil perdu

Incantation Volume 3 – Sphere: A Quest, A la recherche du fil perdu

In Japan yorishiro are objects capable of attracting spirits.

And so to Spheres . . .

Why Sphere? Is this fundamental shape magical?

The following Incantation is inspired by the nature of the question itself, recalling the origin and power of the spherical in its many manifestations.

The trilogy titled INCANTATION is a set of unique, unusual and individual artistic publications. The teller, Genie Poretzky-Lee calls upon images and words, engaging page by page with the magical nature of an ancient practice used by our ancestors to orally transmit some of their observations perceived in the supernatural world surrounding them. This resonance travels beyond time and can now reach an inquisitive reader between the printed text, the images, and the imagination.

Incantation Volume 2 - Birds of the Muses, In Search of Honey

Incantation Volume 2 – Birds of the Muses, In Search of Honey

Birds of the Muses is an incantation addressed to the bees, calling and asking for their safe return in order that they may help humanity by pollinating lands and crops.

Incantation Volume 1 - Calling Forth the Unexpected - To Pan, the Four Directions and Others

Incantation Volume 1 – Calling Forth the Unexpected: To Pan, the Four Directions and Others

Calling Forth the Unexpected is inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s The Crab that Played with the Sea, part of a volume of children’s stories titled Just So Stories, published in 1902.

Listening to a reading on BBC radio 4. Genie became intensely absorbed by the tale; the rhythmic cadence of the words were an INCANTATION manifesting the presence of magic and this experience absorbed her totally.

Her inner child, never far away, woke up to the power of those words, facilitating her writing; a recollection of forgotten rituals practiced by our ancestors to honour and tame the natural world around them when ‘incanting’ magical powers of witches and wizards. The words are dedicated to Pan, a personal mythical hero – protector of raw and unspoiled nature – sounding his pipes to accompany this story – barely a story, almost a song – invoking a bewitching transmission.

Spheres: A Path Of Many Windings

Spheres: A Path Of Many Windings

A gathering of images, text and quotes celebrating the spherical in nature.

Canopic Jar

Canopic Jar

Inspired by Egyptian rites which are illustrated in this book, Genie uses seeds, growth and colour images as her palette.

Genie Poretzky-Lee A Maker

A catalogue of paintings of drawings by Genie Poretzky-Lee with an introduction the poet Aidan Andrew Dun.

The Alchemy Of The Invisible

The paintings of Genie Poretzky-Lee are about the magical transformation of basic stuff into image and human feeling … This beautifully produced book illuminates her paintings on their echo in Jay Ramsay’s fine poems.